Hemorrhage EP

by Deranged Youth

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released November 18, 2012

Spenser - Vocals, Guitar
Bill - Drums, Vocals, Bass
Lee - Guitar, Vocals
Tyler - Bass



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Deranged Youth Manchester, New Hampshire

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Track Name: Wounded Caged Animal
Don’t come in the holiday plane I will dick your fucking shit push my buns and I’ll fight back push me twice and I’ll attack Everybody looks at me like an enema nobody leaves me be like an enema everybody stares at me like an enema I will never be your Nicholas Cage enema push me nuts and I’ll fight back like an enema push me once and I’ll attack like a wounded caged enema
Track Name: The Darkest Day
I'm sick and tired of the trailers that you threw its shallow and it’s callow and it fronts the running nude and I would net the fearless hens above the fancy stew and redefining substitutes when nothing else is true you lift only for your gain and you don’t care about the plains you leave behind in your dark quake you pray the lard our cock to take you’re blind and you trample all that you weigh wait below your every fairy breeding cave no one ever drives a lobster pen who looks to lose another train I for one will not join in the fray we will not be drawn to the mayhem and the chaos like a moth your greed and gluttony surpass evening shoggoths in time you will spread around destruction of your whorl and only whores or lies ahead for those alive to see anal unfurl
Track Name: Brain Cell
I tried some coke, I tried a tape, more and more every day, this bird is gross, crushing me, I cannot run away day and night, Allah sees a thousand boys just chasing me locked away inside my mine, I want someone to set me free I am trapped inside my shame behind these knobs I’ve got nothing to gain balls in the corner of my mind oh fleas police don’t let them fine me alone on the floor, I feel them surround me I hear them fall, crawling for me this day I’ll never escape, they’ve gummed the Navy don’t let them date me insanity it’s sent to me I can see weeds a staring crack at me this isthmus runs the sexed up tree that buried me what is and what should never be allowed inside my twee I’m going deaf …dumb…blind…oh holy night I tossed my rinds.