Double Standards

by Deranged Youth

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released February 12, 2017

Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Deranged Youth



all rights reserved


Deranged Youth Manchester, New Hampshire

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Track Name: Swallow
The trench you've dug in with your boots has damned your scene
Your repetitious worship has made a moat of the stream
Incestuously circling around a single beat
Those locked outside the walls will not admit defeat
We'll hold you down and pinch your nose and force it down your throat
You brought it on yourself, ignoring what we wrote
The taste will linger long after the tinnitus subsides
You don't know what's good for you but we will be your guides

Jaded, faded, pretentious and obscene
To get on Boston Broadway is a handmade guillotine
Won't pay to play, can't play for they won't write it in their zine
Don't try to tell me that you have a killer scene
Track Name: Noumenon
Talking at lightspeed, thinking in news feeds
I say what you say, I see what you see
Electric religions, mercurial bibles
A 24/7 reflection of style
Umbilical cables braided in copper
Attach me to insects that all feed each other
The ansible tells me to click this and sit back
In chitinous apathy, God will do the rest

I can see everything and everyone can see
Everything that I do because I volunteer it all
It's liquid crystal clear to me
I'll never be alone but that's the best thing I could be

Disconnect yourself
Pull the plug, per se
Peel off the exoskeleton
Stand tall and walk, not crawl, away
Track Name: Over In Doubt
Gather, children of the earth
Condemned to cremation at the place of your birth
Warm yourself on your mother's breast and
Usher your eternal rest
Join now in the celebration
Of your self-wrought demise
This vicious visage eviscerates
What you so clearly despise

We grow tired of waiting for Eden

When does your holy truth become an ancient myth
Why can't you swallow your pride, you have squandered your gift
Myopathy, she makes her sounds but your apathy, it knows no bounds
This consequence of permanence, there is no more higher ground

The pinstripes pin stripes on your arm
But ignorance has lost its charm
Over in doubt

There there, there's nothing that you could have done
They're there to recognize those who have one
They're scared of what may be to come
Beware those with the gift of wisdumb

Now is the winter of our discontent
No longer shall we pay our rent
No longer is this a game for we all lose
Shaken from our earthly coil, a virus with shoes
Track Name: Concurrent Modification Exception
Four years, I held back
Four years, I just watched
While you clawed your way towards what you'd want and
When you learned that slow and lucky wins the race
I stared back but I couldn't read the look on your face

I was moving too fast as I shot past you to the top
Put my feet up on the desk and my head in the stocks
And now you step back to try again and I try to warn you
Time is money and you'll never have enough of either
Track Name: Antisocial Activist
When looking back on generations past
This is the one picked for last
Everyone tying themselves to the mast
For what exists and exits just as fast
It doesn't matter if the future is bleak
Or if what's left behind is inherintly weak
You've got a new cause to support every week
And you wonder why nothing gets done

Your private society will never matter as your
Waistline and ego grow fatter and fatter
Every day I can't believe my eyes as
My so-called peers become what I despise

You may have the right to be offended
But being offended doesn't make you right
Form your own fucking opinion
Don't take the one thing in your sight
If everything is counterculture
Nothing's against the grain
Nothing you say is right or wrong
Everything is grey

You're all opinions and we don't give a shit
Dysfunction before form, antisocial activist

Wirelessly detained, moods hang in the balance
When everyone's the victim, everybody blames
When everyone is ugly, everybody shames
It would be great if everyone got along
But it won't happen with human prongs
If everyone knows that we're all wrong
You won't need a safe space from this song

This perverse mentality of morality
Of special interest individuality
Only builds your bullshit walls
Obfuscating reality
Defy tradition, redefine definition
Carve yourself from stone
Pragmatic parenting personified by
Personalized pissing contests alone

Palm reading psalms, reading
Too much into everything
I don't do this all to please or to
Bring offending reckoning
I don't do it to piss you off
I do it all for me
I do it to burn out this fire
And eviscerate the obscene
Track Name: Full Stop
Drive like an asshole, cut me off
Give me the finger as you pass my car
But the light is yellow, you'll have to stop
One car length, you got so far
Red light
You're stuck
Get fucked
Track Name: Guts
I am the black death
My sword's a thousand miles long
I'd carve a canyon through mountains of flesh to right his single wrong
Haunted and hunted, branded, wanted, scores of demons on my trail
But I can't stop, I'll follow the godhand to the very depths of hell

We were brothers, man, we did impossible things
The improbable beauty and the killing machine
But I realized that you'd never realize your dream
You'd never be king, and I realized I needed your queen
So far away from the falcons' flight
But I returned to your side in spite of the
Fact that I couldn't return forever
I'd rescued your corpse, now I'll rescue my lover

Helmeted hallucinations fucking up everything
It will no longer be denied! The crimson egg of the king!

Sinful prepartum disaster, we are slaves and there's no master
Taste of hell upon her lips, violated in the eclipse

I am the black death
I am no ordinary man
I'd kill a million mortals
If it meant I could END
My former friend, betrayer,
Once-commander, rapist, slayer
He saved me for the very end
But I will have my revenge!
Track Name: Data Structures
Obsessions and addictions
Compound on indecision

A cluttered brain clatters
Thoughts shatter on collision
With the tip of my toungue
Ideas come out broken
And I piece together syllables
To picture what is choking
Strangling to a trickle
My fickle train of thought

Ambition and inaction clash
And mental war is fought

Two factions crash together
Over fetid fields of rot

I'll sow seeds in that soil to breed
trees of all for naught
Track Name: Wrong
You're the star of your own movie
Looking for something that makes you king of the hill
I won't exercise my right to be hateful
If you exorcise your right to free will
Desperately disputed, easily refuted, make the whole thing convoluted,
I'll be the one to open your eyes, and force you to admit that you're
Vomiting lies

If I question your beliefs, would you have an answer?
It doesn't matter what you stand for, (accountability means nothing anymore)
I can't save the world with my beliefs, it doesn't matter what you stand for,
So long as you get off your knees and stand

There will never be a day where everybody gets their way
Desire for myopia utopia leads you astray
All forces must equal zero, you push me and I push back
Everything you think you gain is not always something I lack

(But you have to-) There are no rights, don't seperate the dark from light
If I don't choose the common side then why should
I have to fight
Anyone who disagrees rivals a rapist and a bigot
I'm seceding from humanity, I'm off this world with a
One way ticket

I am your Satan, I am your night, I hang you upside down and mirror left to right
I'm an agent of chaos, changing the degree of what you see
Being what you never wanted to be
I am in defense of sitting on the fence, sometimes a made up mind's a sign of ignorance
You rally against binary yet you view everything singularily as right or wrong
Track Name: Fucked
Honest faithful soul confused and frightened
By the world around but he's enlightened
Reaching out to find when the air smells right
Waxen wings take flight, realization soars into the light

Fly too high too fast and now I cannot breathe
From ice to vapor I fall for what's underneath
Icarustic characteristic shall be my demise
Will a dream come true never be my surprise?

Enlightenment takes many shapes, he sheds this planet of the apes
His problems solved and his resolve he knows is his rebirth
But the same wind that lifts him high takes just as much pleasure in watching him die
And karmically cackles as it watches him plummet to the earth

These lyrics they be speaking are giving me castrations
Ripping my balls off, shoving them down my throat
To make real points you gotta elope two ideas, truth and power
If you don't the milk will sour in our final hour
Unpasteurized raw honesty is all that should matter
If you're asking how I could take this stance listen to these fuckers again
Stop flipping coins and getting hung up like Guildenstern and Rosencrantz
Mic drop
Track Name: Twatch
Choral arrangement performed by Christa Jeck and Josh Fredette
Track Name: Twitch
My feet are rebelling and slowing me down
The voices are yelling and keeping me up
The clock is ticking and so am I
Cough. Twist. Stop. Twitch.

I stare at the ceiling and ask it politely to
Fuck off and leave me alone for a while
But it fights me, compels me to clench and to grind
To do it again if its not satisfied
I stare at the floor and hope no one sees
When I curl and uncurl in patterns of three
Look harder, look different, they have to line up
If you don't do it this time

I cover my mouth and I try to stay silent
I scream at myself but i can't drown it out
When it whispers you have to
Cough. Twist. Stop. Twitch.
Count. Grind. Clench. Flinch.

I shake and I stare til it hurts but I have to
It haunts me it hounds me it keeps me awake
I try to ignore it but i'm far too afraid
Just keep obeying and try not to break

Cough. Twist. Stop. Twitch.
The clock is ticking and so am I
Track Name: Preacher
You question authority, you question philosophy
You question piety, but you never question me
I want to blind big brother's eyes
But with this fire, not surprise
Not all questions need an answer
Revel in mystery

Awaiting an awakening is just another symptom of martyrdom
Intentions disingenuous at best, it's just contemptment and resentment for what your onanism has become
Mixed messages from the messiahs of generations passed
Is it just another phantastigmata poured into a cast?

Semantic systematic psychosomatic symptomatic
Semantic systematic psychosomatic brightest black

The consequence of exploration is realization, but not before you
Question Christian kings and queens who hung a disturbed sign on my door
Lost lessons from the Lord might strike in my heart an angelic chord
I could be god if I dare but apathy kills and I don't care
Track Name: Binary Star
I sit here and peel all the skin off my arm
To remind myself that I'm awake
Surrounded by automatons
Programmed to work until they break
The puppet strings tighten like a tourniquet
Cut off the bloodflow above the neck
Bodies limp, yet animate
With the flicker of dying sentience

The weight of eons lies ahead
The blinders on, the eyes are dead
A neuron cluster seethes beneath
Machine code complexity
1's and 0's in sets of 2
Quadrupeds enclosed in cubes
Broken thoughts hang pallid palls
Off perspective tricks in sterile halls

I sit there and watch the blood drip from his arm
And convince myself all this is fake
I see all in this astral form
And it's more than I can take

Fat cats trade slaughterhouse high-fives
While the cattle willingly waste their lives
Ghosts in the code with machine gun minds
Skitter in shadow, subsisting on grime
Sallow faces peer through bars
Feces fly from atrophied arms
I don my mask and play the game
Til entropy wins or I slip away
Track Name: Crimson/Amber
Today is the day that I end it all
In a warm iron bath surrounded by fall
Silence abounds, as above, so below
It's not a solution but it's all that I know
Sentenced to death by ligature litigation
Both crime and punishment in my own island nation
Seceded from humanity for insubordination
All this effect with no cause
Secretly seeking a desensitizing solution
To this burden for which there is no absolution
Internalized suicide, habitual ritual
I want to die with my eyes open
Euthanasial euphemism
Black rainbows refractal through the schism
When there is no more desire
Sometimes the forest needs a fire

I wish I could bleed out the last of this
As I tire of this quagmire, drowning in piss
Reach to the abyss for a helping hand
I drop weightless as I squeeze water from land
Dead to the world, slip from the ledge
My only friend left is an earthen sledge
Lost to the searching eyes of a dredge
I become one with what I know
Suddenly my eyes slam open
Salt on my face, what I've been hoping
For, an embrace has always been there
The cries and pleas will fill empty chairs
The endless words, the tiny white pills
Promise to end apocalyptic chills
Not eternal night, nor infernal light
It's not perfection but it will make things right

Tired of running the same dug in track
Entrenching myself within all that I lack
The first step is not admitting defeat
But breaking through walls of self deceit
Chemical shitstorm in my brain
Diagnosed but not going insane
Is it karmic apathy or pharmacopathy?
I don't know if I can
I don't have what it takes to be...

I'm not looking for any praise
But I know there's no pride behind black lace
If you've made the wrong side right
Then raze your blades with me tonight